Ultra grow bougainvillea vera



VERA Collection Shapes

Bougainvillea Hanging Basket
Available in 10", 12" & 14" pots.
Bougainvillea with Trellis
Available in 5", 6.5", 8" & 10" pots.
Bougainvillea Topiary
Available in 12" & 14" pots.
Bougainvillea Column
Available in 12" pots.

Our Exotic Bougainvillea's

Grown utilizing the most modern growing technology!

Description – an exotic plant that grows wild in Southern climates, with small, white flowers, surrounded by soft, beautiful-coloured bracts that resemble tissue paper, hence the name “paper flower”.

Variety – we selected the “VERA” collection because of its compact growth, rich flowers, and the ease with which it blooms again, making it an ideal choice for indoor, balcony, and patio use. “VERA” is licensed by Rijn Plant BV in the Netherlands